How long is a typical counseling session?
Therapeutic our is classified as 50 minutes.
How long is a typical group session?
1.5 hours.
What is the fee for a counseling session?
First session is: $175.00 & each session afterwards is $150.00. Counseling is covered by insurance, this practice excepts most commercial health insurance plans including all Husky plans.
How much does a group counseling session cost?
Depends on the group. Insurance usually covers group counseling.
Can counseling sessions be done over the phone/Skype/FaceTime?
These services are available although, some insurance plans do not cover counseling sessions done over the phone/FaceTime or Skype.
What types of counseling are available?
Individual, marriage and family counseling, guidance and career counseling, general mental health counseling, substance-abuse counseling, and court related issues: counseling.
Are evening and weekend appointments available?
The practice offers limited hours on Saturday’s and there are evening appointments available to accommodate patients.

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