John Catalfumo, L.M.S.W.



Today’s world is a complex interplay of demands from both internal and external sources.  You don’t have to go it alone.  I began as a Clinical Therapist 27 years ago helping people move through changes and challenges in their lives.  During this time, I have also been a biology teacher at the secondary level.  It is this combination of experiences, as a science educator, with a background in mental health, that has given me a unique perspective. It is this perspective that allows me to help people navigate through life’s journeys.

My work includes multiple modalities.  I have extensive experience with people who have a history of depression, anxiety, ADHD and difficulty adjusting to new life circumstances. Because we are more than our biological selves, "psychological selves " or "social selves",  I pull from the modalities which best serve my clients’ needs and guide them toward wellness and being their best selves, wherever that blend may lie.

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