North East Counseling and Trauma Services is doing everything possible to keep our patients safe as we navigate through these unprecedented times.The office is strictly adhering to CT Mandatory Safety Standards. Safety is of utmost importance to us as we maintain a high level of cleanliness and filtration. The office is equipped with a HEPA filter with UV-C Light Sanitizer that operates at all times in each room. The room is misted and cleaned with VitalOxide (if you would like to know more about this product visit this website) on a daily basis. Our in office schedule has been reduced by 50% to maximize safety protocols. Masks are required at all times for both the staff and patients. Upon arrival to your appointment we will take your temperature and have you complete an affidavit that during the last 14 days you have NOT:
  • 1. Had a temperature of above 99°?
  • 2. Had any new symptoms of a cough or runny nose?
  • 3. Been to a large gathering without proper distancing?
  • 4. Been advised you may have been exposed to Covid 19?
  • 5. Been in close contact to somebody with Covid 19 (without a mask.)
At this time the office is also offering telemedicine through the HIPPA compliant application called Blue Jeans.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact the owner Dr.Banks at 203.993.5810.

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